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November 2017


  • Prepare now for your spring labour demands;
  • Prioritise replacement heifer management;
  • Dry-cow treatment must be done carefully – spread over several days;
  • Aim for a closing cover of 600-700kgDM/ha;
  • Feed to cow body condition score;
  • Do your 2018 financial plan in November;
  • Invest in variable/current costs to save on your 2017 tax bill.

October 2016


  • Manage the last rotation carefully;
  • Use the last rotation planner and measure out the area carefully;
  • Avoid poaching by good management;
  • October is the most important month to condition score cows;
  • Weigh replacements and feed below-target ones;
  • Pay the key bills;
  • Meal feeding makes other human beings rich!

May 2016


  • Use grazed grass to improve a bad profit year;
  • Round bale surpluses from paddocks to save on grass wastage by topping;
  • You should have more than 64 per cent of your year’s nitrogen used by mid-May;
  • Be serious about preventative healthcare when cash is tight;
  • Put all your energy into maximising high submission rates;
  • Add humour to your family workplace.